About Us

About Us

Bodrum VIP Transfers Mission, Vision and Values

Bodrum VİP transfers uur company develops according to the services it offers to its customers. Being for the future means looking for these tools to create a better service and the best value for their customers. Bodrum Transfer will be in the private chauffeur-driven car rental market after service; These powerful values ​​can be achieved through an excellent vision and a well-defined mission. We are committed to creating a long-term road for our company and are committed to providing the best service with our customers.

We rely on certain values ​​to make decisions. These core values ​​guide not only our daily activities but also our strongest beliefs.

Our mission

The company's mission is to help continuously improve the quality of VIP transfer services in Bodrum for both customers and drivers. We devote our time and efforts to a well-defined goal to provide better service in the Bodrum Private transfer industry. We formulate our actions and decisions by considering our two main goals:

• Our Customers - we aim not only to provide reliable services in the private transfer rental industry in Bodrum, but also to provide the best service value to all our customers;

• Our Drivers - We intend to offer a professional work environment every day, offering equal opportunities to our employees.

our vision

The vision of the company is to be a leader in the Vip Transfer sector in Bodrum airport. For this, we are constantly trying to expand our horizons and increase the quality of the services we provide. To achieve this, we have established long-term principles regarding:

• People: people are confident, inspired and have equal opportunities.

• Service portfolio: Deliver the best services and know the needs of the market.

• Quality: To prioritize our customers by continuously improving the quality of our services.

• Partners: Creating long-term partnerships that add value to our customers

• Reputation: to be a reliable company in the eyes of our customers, markets and all partners.

• Profit: maximizing our long-term income while taking care to fulfill all of our responsibilities.

• Sustainability: ensuring the best financial results while adding environmental obligations to our daily decisions.


The Bodrum Airport Transfer you see today is the result of six years of hard work, passion and sacrifice. This company is a real dream for Bodrum transfer, much more a friend than a manager, Even if the business did not go well in the first year, Bodrum vip transfer did not give up and continued to fight for his dreams; He worked as a manager and also a driver for up to 18 hours a day. The dream came about when he was working for another transfer company in Vip transfer Bodrum. After observing how both customers and drivers were treated, Bodrum Transfer decided to be able to offer more qualified services to customers and offer a suitable method to drivers, each of which could have an equal share. These ethical principles stood at the basis of our progress. Therefore, in his vision, the company he was about to create had to:

Be a good professional

• expressing elegance

• Having a friendly and courteous staff

• Respecting customers and their needs

Have courteous drivers and clean cars

• Always on time

After about three years of extensive activity, we can say that our manager has managed to achieve these goals. As a result, the company is still taking the desired shape. Having around 10,000 customers each year does not imply that the basement transfer task is over. With continuous improvement, developments and 100% staff participation, Milas Airport Transfer not only provides airport transfers every day, but also a warm and professional welcome and bid farewell to each customer and always tries to direct its promises according to its strong principles.

Our team

From the very beginning, the Bodrum Airport Transfer team has continued to grow, starting with one driver and one operator each year, reaching over 90 drivers and 22 employees there to provide the best service. Staffing was established following several key criteria, some of which are the underlying principles of this company. When we start building the team, our goal is to ensure that we have a friendly, helpful and professional staff who will do their best to provide an easy way for our customers from the moment of booking to the completion of the journey. We believe we can achieve this, so every time you want to contact us you will be greeted by a familiar person and not just a computer literate employee who looks like an old friend.

We welcome you with friendship, professionalism and respect!