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Yaliciftlik Bodrum
Yaliciftlik, surrounded by pine forests at the mouth of the Gökova gulf and facing the crystal clear waters,
It houses two of Bodrum's most ambitious attractions: Kempinski and Sea Garden.
Restaurants that you can find good and cheap food on a long, very crowded coastline,
There are beaches where you can cool off in the clean sea. The Municipality of Yaliciftlik has made the region beautiful with successful environmental regulations in recent
Day trips and picnics, places you can enter the sea.
Yaliciftlik still retains its simple charm. You can take long walks on the trees covered with forests, taking refuge in the trees'
Day trips. There are also occasional tours that allow you to join the colorful entertainment life of the night in Bodrum.
The ancient cities of Syangela and Theangela belong to the Leleglere, one of the oldest inhabitants of the region, and the Carian, which has preserved its own cultures for many years.
You can buy hand-woven carpets and rugs woven in the surrounding villages, from the houses you can find to see the women you can see at the counter.
The Kempiski Hotel in Yaliciftlik is located in one of the natural and virgin regions of the region
The Six Sense Spa in the Kempinski Hotel is a good opportunity for you to be able to clear yourselves from the negativity ..
Hand-woven carpets woven in the villages around Yaliciftlik are one of the things that attract the most attention of tourists.
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