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Camel Beach, Ortakent Yahsi Bodrum is located on the west of the region. 
Formerly 'the village of Pike was known as' camel Beach, thanks to lying on the beach and the camels jumped since the old times, it got this name. 
Even nowadays, the village has become quite a distinguished camel tours, Camel Beach.
If you arrive at camel beach, a beach cover-up that stretches for eternity. 
On the sands of the beach, not to mention that you don't see too many lilies on the earth, of course. 
Which is one of the most beautiful beaches of the camel Bodrum Beach, 100 meters to the camel trail attracts many domestic and foreign tourists with tours you perform in.
Camel beach is quite a shallow sea. Yosunsuz, kayas the sand and the bottom is just due to one of the preferred beaches in the bodrum
Ortakent Yahsi, Camel Beach on the way to the Pike which can be accessed by following the arrows like you can reach by boat from the centre of Bodrum
While you're in the bodrum of the camel trip, don't forget to add to your list. We wish a good holiday already.

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