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Ta along the coast from one end, stand where you stand, it doesn't matter anyway you look at it, it always ends the good Olive Tree of the day... that is where you can feel at the bottom of red geraniums beneath their feet is a bottomless sea, and the Aegean's deep blue sky...
The most beautiful sunsets on the Bodrum Peninsula where there is; Turgutreis. Basement, spread over an enormous Peninsula, large and small, different from each other 'village-the village is comprised of, actually.
All people different to yourself is pulled attracted with promises, hold them in place and just about charmin leaves. This 'village-the largest village of Turgutreis, a fast-growing coastal town.
Not much about ten years ago from this thin dirt road, the last village was small when no one is looking you in the face when a smaller; today an alternative to the basement Hub.
Its long beaches, unique Bar Street, the marina, the huge Sunday market, where you can find everything you are looking for the bazaar, the busy and bustling with a population 'of those who mean to be in the basement of a recent vacation a favorite.
Although it goes in the eye ten years ago as a vacation spot as a placement when you look back five hundred years leaves Turgutreis. The Ottoman Admiral Turgut Reis, who gave his name here because, now today, five hundred years ago the village he was born in Garabagh. Success gained in the war, showing such bravery to be given the name of the place you grew up in, whether or not your allowed to name their own Baki.
But the history of Turgutreis, of course, does not start with Admiral Turgut Reis. The ancient Greeks before the whole of the Aegean coastal as it is in ta until lelegler is going backwards. Turgutreis municipality does not have a value or relevance in the back by holidaymakers, although the Rock Tombs is proof of that. Municipality of Turgutreis has several settlements outside the center when viewed as: kadikalesi, Akçabük, akyarlar, bagla and aspat, which is within the boundaries of the main village.
Large resorts with Kadikalesi, between Turgutreis and gumusluk lies on the border. Name that is used by a judge in the Ottoman Empire in the Hellenistic period and from the castle located in Kadikalesi, Turgutreis, slow walks and bike rides which is extremely convenient for the 4-mile wooded, connects in a cute way.
Without a doubt the most beautiful akyarlar on the Bodrum Peninsula, a day to be entered the evening with a fish dinner with nested sea sea that connects to stops at the most beautiful point. Summer people, relieving the sailors and wind Surfers enchanted akyarlar Bay Turgutreis sentence, it's not worth much. The peaceful village of akyarlar in question out of the wind's main rival, who was also a neighbor Karaincir.
Karaincir, summer for those who prefer to spend it before it gets out of the sea, during the season it attracts. Once Upon a time Pirates of the sea built and still standing today, aspat famous for the castle and boat trips to the taste of luscious juice, and Favorite the link, that are connected to other tourist attractions and is located between the shores of Turgutreis, in the basement is one of the most ideal places for those who want to do camping we can say that.
Sun and sea, as well as a shopping center today and actually kind of Turgutreis. The day the peninsula's largest food and clothing market every Saturday that is being established here, without a doubt, this is the most important factor. A lot of people from almost every part of the basement for years and years this ancient tradition, which must have attracted the attention of the market, Turgutreis, Turkey's largest supermarket now this is home.
All of these, bar hugging the big street Bazaar, opened in the summer with street artists Turgutreis D-Marina Turgutreis within a real Street are added to the craft considering that the 'open air Mall' so is not extreme. The biggest advantage of being in Turgutreis when it comes to shopping, many alternatives have been laid out in front of you.
Aside from your preference you use is completely up to you. They bikanl place Sunday at supermarkets, you can easily opt for those who don't like crafts souvenirs at the mall road. Turgutreis Marina is one of the most remarkable places in an instant the face changed that's this street, which has been in existence and personal property brings with designs without losing the traditional arts and crafts.
Colorful Basement style gourd lamps, paper beads that are not even a wife, felt puppets, traditional kanuri processing and especially the jewelry most important. So check it out we call. At the beginning of the fish restaurants on the beach, the market, delicious fruits and vegetables, Turgutreis, Turgutreis nice friendly chats when it came to our attention suffering and are among those that should be crossed.
Dive into the sunset is one of the most beautiful spots of this town, which is to pass the path of a day of arrivals in the basement, a port that promises a lot more than it looks. Source : Skylife, Author : Yılmaz, Oylum
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