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Milas, Ören
Ören town,
40 km from Milas district of Muğla province. South of the Gulf of Gokova.
Behind Milas Ören, which lies beneath the steep rocky mountains, lies the plain formed by the alluvium that the big tea brought. Today's Ören town, the ancient city of Keramos
The ruins of the city bearing the name of Keromos, the son of Ariadne and the founder of the pottery art of mythology Dionysos,
He could still stand.
Keramos, the nickname of the Karya period, means pottery in Greek. This name changed over time and got the name Gereme. In a period of Kemerdere
It comes from ancient water arches in the Kocaçay valley. The town today has taken the name ruins, which means ruin.
Mediterranean climate dominates the ruins. The annual average is around 20 ° C. In July and August this temperature rises to 32 to 34 degrees Celsius. Temperature in winter
Despite not falling below 10 C, it is rainy and warm in winter and dry and hot in summer.
Sea temperature varies around 22 C on average. In August and September, the sea temperature is 24 to 26 degrees Celsius. In winter and summer
Wind in the Gokova Gulf is the natural air conditioning in the summer of Lodos wind. Due to the multiplicity of woodland in the area, humidity is minimum, oxygen
The rate is high. For this reason, doctors recommend Oren to diabetics, bronchitis, rheumatism patients.
The population of the ruins is around 4500. This number is around 9000 with the surrounding villagers. In the summer months the tourism season
The central population reaches 30,000 by the beginning.
By combining the coast and the mountains as well as the mountains and forests, Ören, which is a wonderful nature, also allows nature sports to be done. Paragliding, slope
Climbing, trekking, bicycling, motocross, jeep safari, canyon, cave and many other similar sports are held every year with tournaments all the athletes

Milas Ören Otelleri - Bodrum - On Milas road, with the old name of 45 km asphalt separated by Beçinkale, Gereme, with its new name Oren, Gökova
It's on the coast of the bay.
Milas Ören Boutique Hotel - The name of Keramos, a member of the Krysaor Union of Karyans, is meaningless. Keramos ancient between Ören and Akyaka
The name of the city comes from here.
Milas Ören Pansiyonlari - While the name Keramos in ancient times has been used as the last name of the people, and lastly the region has taken the name Ören.
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