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Kuşadası  transfers is a province of Turkey's Aydın province. Located in the northwest of the province, 71 km from Efeler. Away. The distance to İzmir province is 96 km, the ancient city of Ephesus
20 km, 15 km to the town of Selçuk, 157 km to the town of Bodrum. The mayor is Özer Kayalı.
Although it is not known exactly when and by whom Kuşadası was founded, it is believed that it was founded by Ions with the name of Neopolis connected to Ephesus.
The city was built before, on the outskirts of Pilavtepe, at the place called Andızkulesi. After a while, the Venetian and Genoese, who belonged to the Byzantines,
They have been dominant in economic terms. Kuşadası with the reasons of transportation difficulties; It is taken from Andızkulesi and it is called Scala Nuova
Kuşadası Bay and its immediate surroundings, which Kuşadası gave its name, are known as centers of art and culture, and since the early ages many different civilizations
In 3000 BC, the Lelegians were ruled by the Aiols in the 11th century BC, and the Ions in the 9th century BC. The area between Büyük Menderes and Gediz rivers is ancient
In the ages it takes the name of Ionia. The Ions, merchants and sailors, soon became enriched by overseas trade and possessed a superior political power.
In the history, they established 12 cities named "Ion Colonies".
Kuşadası was one of the main ports of Anatolia that opened to the Mediterranean in antiquity. It was called Neopolis by that time. The capital cities of Sardis in the 7th century BC
The Lydians were rulers of the locals.
The Persian domination that started in 546 BC continues until Alexander the Great seized Anatolia in 334 BC. After that, in Anatolia, Greek civilization and native
As a synthesis of Anatolian civilization, a whole new era, a new concept of art and culture is dominant and this age is called "Hellenistic Age". Ephesus, Milet, Priene
And Didim are the most famous cities of this devrin.
In the second century BC Romans dominated the region. In the early years of Christianity, St. Mary of the Virgin Mary and St. Mary of the Apostles. When Jean came and settled in Ephesus,
Becomes the center. Miletus is the episcopal center in the Christian era. It is called "Ania" in the Byzantine Period. Kuşadası, used by pirates in the middle ages
It has become a port. In the 15th century, the Venetians and Genoese took the name of the city "Scala Nuova".
Seljuk State
In 1086, the Turkish sovereignty begins with the addition of Seljuk State to the region of the Suleyman I Shah. The region became an export gate to the Aegean region of the caravan routes in this period. However, the sovereignty of the Seljuk State took a short time due to the 1st Crusades and again passed into the hands of Byzantium. At the end of the 1280s, the Menteşeoğulları entered the Ottoman domination between 1397-1402. Although the Ottomans passed through the Aydınoğulları again between 1402 and 1425, the Ottomans certainly captured the region.
Ottoman Empire
Kuşadası, in 1413, 1.Mehmet (Çelebi) has participated in the Ottoman Empire sovereignty. After this date, the city was completely in the hands of the Turks and
It started to fill with the works of the Turks. The walls that surrounded the Caravanserai and Kuşadası of today are built by Mehmet Pasha.
The city surrounded by walls was only able to enter from three doors. One of these doors, Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa Street and Kahramanlar Caddesi
And the upper part was previously used as the Regional Traffic Authority of the City, but now it is used as the Crime Scene Bureau Authority. Other
The gates are not available today.
Small was an important military base for the Byzantines, and in 1834 saw a major renovation and the famous castle was built. This is the name "Kuşadası"
Come from within.
According to the Ottoman census of 1893, the number of people living in Kuşadası is 15,047. The majority of them (58,6%) are Turks (8,822 people). The Greek Cypriot population in Kuşadası is 6,211 people (40,7%).
Kusadasi entered the occupation of Greece between 1919-1921 during the War of Independence, with the withdrawal of Italy, and escaped the invasion of the enemy on 7 September 1922.
Environment And Earth Shapes
Sunset in Kuşadası
Town center
To the west of Kuşadası, there are mountains and hills to the north, south and east of the sea.
Neopolis (Snake): It is a second peninsula extending to the sea, slightly beyond Govecinada. Ancient Neopolis is the first settlement in Kusadasi, and
It is believed to be founded by ions. There are a few wall remains visible.
Panionion: Within the boundaries of Güzelçamlı bound to Kuşadası, on the side of Davutlar-Güzelçamlı road, several hundred meters from the road. Historically linked to the Ion confederation
12 It is the center of the Ionian city. This is where the ceremonies and rituals are made.
Pygale: 3 km from Kuşadası. North is a small settlement. It is located on the nose next to the Kupa Resort. Built by Agamemnon
. No remarkable remains are found.
Kaleiçi Mosque: It is in the bazaar. It was built by the Grand Vizier Öküz Mehmet Pasha (death 1619) in 1618. For this reason, with the name "Öküz Mehmet Pasha Mosque"
. It was repaired in 1830. The last congregation was made of wood. The only honorable minaret is alive. The wings of the entrance door of the glass are geometric passes
And mother-of-pearl embroidered. The camii covers a dome on a 12-sided and 16-window pulley.
Öküz Mehmet Paşa Caravanserai: It is near Kuşadası Pier. It was built by the Grand Vizier Öküz Mehmet Pasha in 1618. It was restored in 1966.
It is an Ottoman fortress built for maritime trade and it is about 18,50 * 21,60m. The enclosed courtyard surrounds the courtyard of the gauge.
In the northwest and south-eastern corners, there are two steps leading from the rear. The entrance to the caravanserai is in the north. 2.96 m. The marble doorway,
It was built with a flat belt. The door has only one view. There are two sections on the right and left sides of the entrance which are connected to the center by one arch. On the left,
It was determined that the goods were taken into the escrow department by looking to the rear with a small door. The entrance on the right is Han's entrance and exit
Is believed to be the site of the officials who provided them. The fountain, which was excavated in the middle of the courtyard, was brought into the pool today.

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