Gulluk Transfers  Service

Milas - Bodrum will take you to Güllük on the 8 km road to the right.
For the holidaymakers who do not like the crowd of Bodrum, Güllük offers a quieter holiday at the beginning.
At least for now. Even the quietest, most remote places are suddenly "explored"
You have witnessed that it has become unrecognizable within a few years after you have been attacked by a house.
Let's see, live and see. Gulluk is a port town.
Bauxite mine is exported in the limestone environment. You will already see trucks carrying bauxite on the road.
With the settled fishermen, herdsmen and restaurants of the town settling around the Mandalya Bay and Asin Bay
A charming fishing village.
Immediately after the beach, the houses and houses that settled on the rising hills always see the sea because of this topographic feature.
Good fish come out in the sea and in the sea in the north of the city.
The loupe, the mullet and most of the snake fish are hunting. Sit at one of the beach restaurants and eat snake fish
You can withdraw.
The name 'snake' is a pity for you. Cultural fisheries are also being carried out in the majority of the surrounding villages,
Sea bream and sea bass are grown. In Güllük there is a shipyard with gulets built in the neighborhood like the neighboring Bodrum.
They are beautiful in appearance, but it is hard to say the same for the image created by the taxis in the harbor.


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