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Göcek is a district of Muğla (province) bounded by the province of Fethiye.
Göcek Mahallesi is located to the west of Fethiye District and border with Dalaman District. There are western Mediterranean, north western Dalaman District, north Gokceovacik District and eastern İnlice Quarter.
Göcek Municipality was connected to Fethiye as of March 30, 2014 and became a neighborhood.
It is reported that the name of the people of the region is taken as a result of the migration of the time of migration. T.C. The names of our villages in the Ministry of Internal Revenue, the last taximental property, are mentioned as KÖYCEK İSKELESİ in Ankara 1928 series. The neighboring village Gokceovacik is referred to as KÖYCEK OVASI.

Our neighborhood is on the way to Muğla - Fethiye. Until 2006, after Dalaman, it was necessary to pass a fairly narrow and winding road to reach the region. With the Dalaman Tunnel of 980 meters in length, which was put into service in June 2006, transportation has become very easy. In addition, this tunnel is the first tunnel made with build-operate-transfer model in Turkey and it is a transit fee. As a result of the efforts of the Muğla deputy Hasan Özyer, the gocek tunnel has been completed in short time and the life of the gocek has been almost finished. Fethiye, dalaman, göcek The biggest investment made in the past 50 years is the gocek tunnel.

The resident population is 6,590. It is thought that this number has increased to over 9,000 in the summer months. The Blue Cruise has dense yacht traffic as an exit and an end point. It is a calm and safe harbor with closed bay especially for long road travelers coming from international waters. The clean Mediterranean waters, lush pine forests and beaches have made it an indispensable route for Koenis and islands and sea cruisers, which are considered to be a hidden paradise. It is a varied alternative for holidaymakers and holidaymakers, with a variety of quality accommodation units, day trip boat service, and many beaches and coves close by.

Two separate Regatta (sailing races) are organized by the GYC every year on May 19th and November 10th. The races in which many local and foreign participants take place add color and popularity to the city.

National Sovereignty and Children's Day (April 23) turned into a festive atmosphere in celebrations and became a permanent regulation over the years. Every year on April 23 celebrations come to visit the surrounding areas with the aim of participating and watching the events.

There are Hostels, Apartments, Bed and Breakfasts to suit every standard that you can go to if you are coming by road. In addition, there are many restaurants, cafes and bars along the coast and in the bazaar.

Another luckiest part of our region is that it can reach from 30 to 45 minutes to private places like Sarıgerme, Ölüdeniz, Dalyan by private car or bus and dolmus.
There are six yacht harbors on site with great importance for international yachting. The most important feature of Belden is that it is housed in the island and the village which is located in a very sheltered and wide bay. They have the secret power of an advanced yacht as a natural end result. Municipality Marina
Skopea Marina
Club Marina
MarinTurk Village Port
MarinTurk Exclusive
Mugla or Fethiye by bus or dolmuş with your own vehicle and boat y.V. By sea and Dalaman Airport. Thanks to the Göcek tunnel completed in 2006, the distance between Göcek and Dalaman Airport has decreased to 22 km and 18 km.

Milas Bodrum Airport Göcek Transfer.

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