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Fethiye Kemer, which is among the beauty of the Taurus Mountains and contributes significantly to summer tourism, today attracts a great deal of tourists.
Fethiye Kemer and Eşen Çayı show all natural beauty. Although it attracts a lot of tourists during the year, the number of Fethiye Kemer hotels is less than in other regions.
Fethiye Kemer dominates the general green nature of its hotels. The hotel rooms are decorated with stylish and comfortable furnishings, and all rooms respond to needs. TV, air conditioning and internet are available in the rooms.
Fethiye Kemer consists of boutique hotels and pension type accommodation facilities. Fethiye Kemer is addressing every budget and serves every season of the year. The hotel offers half board, breakfast and full board. You can choose your accommodation type.
Accompanied by the peaceful atmosphere of Fethiye Kemer, the hotel will make you feel the comfort of your own home. You can book one of the Fethiye Kemer hotels for a holiday that you can both stay at economical prices and be nested with nature, you can take the first step to a nice holiday. You can get detailed information about the hotels in Fethiye Kemer.
Editor's Opinion
Fethiye Kemer is located at a spot overlooking the beauty of Eşen Stream and is often preferred by those who want a peaceful holiday in the natural beauty.
Fethiye Kemer has enough accommodation facilities for the visitors during the year. The number of hotels in Fethiye is lower than in other regions. Due to this reason early booking is very important in Fethiye Kemer hotels.
Fethiye Kemer hotel prices are for every budget. Fethiye Kemer hotel prices, which do not show much increase in 2016, include breakfast service. Rates for half-board and full-board services increase.
Fethiye Kemer hotel prices vary according to the hotel's location, services and room type you choose. While the requested prices cover the price of one night's room, some accommodation facilities raise the price per capita.
We advise you to make an early reservation after reviewing the 2016 Fethiye Kemer hotel rates. Due to the fact that there are not many hotels in the region, the existing accommodation facilities reach the occupancy rate during the summer season. If we will generalize; Fethiye Kemer hotel rates range from 90 TL - 180 TL. These prices show a decrease in the winter season.
Fethiye Kemer hotel prices can be reviewed by booking your reservation.

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