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Dalaman is one of the 13 districts of Muğla.

Dalaman Airport is within the boundaries of this district. After Ortaca was brought into the district, it did not become a connected city. There are 26 neighborhoods. In the Mediterranean Region, Dalaman is a district bounded by Muğla İline, between Köyceğiz, Ortaca and Fethiye districts of the same province and Denizli province of Çameli. The eastern, northern and western parts are mountainous and the south is flat. The district lands are covered by Gölgeli Mountains (2.295 m.) And Boncuk Mountain (2.265 m.). These mountains extending parallel to the Gulf of Fethiye are covered with forests consisting of conifers with leaves and high sections with coniferous trees. Dalaman Plain is the most fertile plain of Mugla Province and is in the most productive plains of Turkey and the world. The Dalaman Stream is in the area of ​​irrigation and is located at the crossing point of the Mediterranean and Aegean Regions. Born from Kocas Mountain near Dirmil, Dalaman Stream is located between Marmaris and Fethiye. The total length is 229 km. The tea growing in the western Taurus Mountains from the junctions of Göktepe and Yaylacık Mountains flows in a narrow and deep valley, reaching 8 km. It pours to the sea from the south. The elevation is 15 m. According to the results of the 2015 General Population Census of the province with an area of ​​61,694 hectares; The total population is 37,406. Akköprü Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant, which is the 6th largest dam in Turkey, is also located within the borders of Dalaman district.
Any information about the history of the site is not available due to lack of adequate archaeological excavation and surface survey. However, since it is in the Ancient Kariya region, the district history

.Dalaman, which is a single municipality with the merger of Atakent and Dalaman bases, previously bound to Köyceğiz District, was brought to the district of 1983.

It is believed that the ancient city of Euhippe is located in the north of Karia region, at the side of Dalaman, where Alaçatlı Village (Alaçatlı) is located.
Do you have a train that passengers never have to say goodbye, never even stopping a single train? There is a train that has not been able to reach the rails until today. The nearest rails of Gara are miles away. This station has a strange and quite interesting story.

In 1893, Abbas Hilmi Pasha was appointed as Egyptian Hidivi with the prince of the sultan. Abbas Hilmi Pasha goes to Sarsala Bay near Dalaman with the name "Nimetullah" in 1905. In those years when there is a small settlement on the beach, the Dalaman is a fertile pit. Fishing enthusiast Pasha, who sees this lush green oasis of free-flowing animals, admires the region.
First, Pasha builds a pier and depot in Sarsala Bay and then builds a road from the bay to Dalaman. Dry the marshes in the region and plant the eucalyptus trees he brought from Egypt on both sides of the road. Pasha is also the owner of Dalaman, who owns the property in 1874, and from 1905 he starts bringing citizens from Egypt and Sudan to work on their land.

In 1908, Abbas Hilmi Pasha decided to build a hunting lodge for Dalaman, a farm which he now loves and which he loves so much. It plans to build a railway station to the Alexandria city of Egypt, which is also the governor of the same period. He gives the construction work to the French. But the French are confused with the projects they prepare. The ship with the materials and project of the station building sends Dalaman to Egypt and the ship carrying the materials and projects of the Hunting Mansion to Egypt. The ship comes to Sarsala Bay near Dalaman and empties the burden.

The workers of Pasha's Dalaman are immediately put to work and they carry the materials to the mausoleum to Dalaman by loading them into the mausoleums and mules without noticing the confusion. A crowded team of construction workers who came to the ship together with the men of the pasha all together quickly undertake construction work. They work with all their might to complete the work as soon as possible and to welcome the Pasha with a nice surprise in the course of time. The result of these intensive studies is really a surprise.
Dalaman has influenced tourist arrivals through the airport to the tourist areas of Muğla and thus the economy of the county. New facilities have been built with the aim of meeting the increasing passenger traffic of Dalaman Airport. It is very convenient for yacht charters that are located in Dalaman district boundaries known as Göcek koyll.

Kurşunlu, Akbükü, Göbün, Boynuzbükü, and Shalala are the principal ones. In addition, the tender for the Dalaman Yacht Harbor and Sea Bass Docking Site has been completed, some of which are in SIT and some of which are in Special Environmental Protection Area.

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