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Tuzla, a region famous for its pink flamingos of Bodrum, hosts a magnificent view every year ...
It may be that Istanbul comes to mind in terms of salt. But we are talking about Tuzla which is a wonderful natural wonder in Bodrum.
Bodrum Tuzla is located right next to the Bosphorus. No, of course not the Bosphorus in Istanbul ...
The Bosphorus stretches along the eastern shore of the Güllük Gulf as a maritime entree. Bodrum Tuzla is also located on the part of this region which is adjacent to the highway.
There is no clear information on why Tuzla is named here. Some sources say that Tuzla was given here because of salt being obtained here in the past.
Today's view of Bodrum's Tuzla is like a shallow sea adjacent to the highway.
Muğla's Bodrum district is 15 km away. Bodrum Tuzla. What makes the region famous is the pink flamingos that flock to Tuzla Bird Paradise.
When the air in the inner regions of Anatolia is cooled, migratory birds suddenly flock here. For this reason, here is called a bird's paradise.
Every year, many local and foreign tourists flock to Tuzla Bird Paradise to see this spectacular scenery.
Bodrum Tuzla and the wetland are now under protection. Hundreds of bird species flocking to Bodrum's Tuzla have such a visual feast,
There is no other remedy. It's good, actually. As a matter of fact, because of these beauties, both the number of tourists in Bodrum is increasing,
They extend their stay to make observing. Bodrum Tuzla is not only a flamingo, but also a pelican, heron, cormorant, spoonbill,
Long legs, swordfish and ducks. We even think the number of pelicans is over the face.
Bodrum Tuzla is a place that you should definitely make your day. Even in autumn, the best time to do bird watching is in Bodrum Tuzla.
You're on the edge of your mind. We wish you a pleasant holiday already.
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