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Pamukkale's old name Hierapolis means holy city. This sanctity to the city gives calcium-oxide water that heals for thousands of years ...
BC Hierapolis, founded by Eumenes in 190, In 188, the Apameia Peace Treaty was given to the Kingdom of Pergamon. Many times Hierapolis suffered from the earthquake and experienced the most brilliant periods in Roman rule.
There are many hotels in Pamukkale which is on the list of Unesco World Cultural Heritage. There are various categories among the hotels of Pamukkale. Pamukkale, which offers thermal service, or holiday hotels offering luxurious services are in demand.
Pamukkale hotels, which are demanded throughout the year, are preferred to get well in summer, cooler in winter and warmer in thermal pools.
Pamukkale is a hotel where you can accommodate large and crowded holiday groups with quite a number of rooms. Both dining halls, if necessary, are comfortable and spacious with a choice of rooms for a stylish holiday.
While you are staying in Pamukkale, you can explore the surrounding area and photograph ancient ruins. You can be sure that you will have a pleasant holiday, whichever you prefer, from among Pamukkale hotels.
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Pamukkale, one of the oldest holiday regions in Turkey, is a district of Denizli province in the Inner Aegean Region.
With its former name, Hierapolis city, Pamukkale has taken its name because of its present appearance. Tourism is the main income in Pamukkale which is on the list of Unesco world heritage
Source. Especially in summer, many people who want to see the travertines prefer this area.
While Pamukkale calls for those who want to cool off in the summer months, it attracts its guests with thermal spas in the winter months. More luxury in Pamukkale
There are four or five star hotels in the category.
Pamukkale 2016 hotel prices vary according to season. While hotel prices in summer increased as well as in Turkey,
It is relatively more suitable during winter. It is advisable to book early to benefit from the Pamukkale hotel prices during the summer season.

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