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8 km from the Bodrum via land, sea, Bitez road and 2.5 nautical miles. Don't worry if you don't have the tool 
Frequent minibus services from the centre of Bodrum in Bitez in 15 minutes with. 
No, If you say I want to walk away from the sound of the vehicle 1 at the time a route is also available. 
Bitez as it is beautiful and it is clean. Despite being away in the Bodrum, two villages, new settlements, tourism. 
Streets, road signs, attentive to everything, even the Van until it stops.
Bodrum Bitez hotels and restaurants, is just behind the beach. Auto wasn't the way when you go to the beach." 
In the back of the auto road and the mall stays. This property loves families with children, Your children can send them to the beach with peace of mind.
Welcome around in the Bodrum you entered into the sea. In the evening I was hungry. Don't think of what to eat in Bitez. 
Octopus salad, shrimp, cuttlefish, squid, stuffed, grilled sea bass, sea bream as well as fish restaurants who 
restaurants with international cuisine also available in Bitez in Bodrum.
Bodrum Bitez for you eating your food warm by the fireplace in winter some of the restaurants open. 
Live music and falling into the sea with great views of Kos in summer, to eat in Bitez in Bodrum in winter meals.
Thursday day covers your holiday if you lived. A tree torn from fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, 
even clothing and household items, you can go to Bitez where you can find the famous market.
That gives me great pleasure to those who enjoy the outdoors there are hiking trails in Bitez. 
In the winter months its strong streams that dries up in the summer for off road and are used as walking trails. 
Between the tangerine groves, the creek walk in the door of the White House on the left old on the right people to see you Hello great tips...
Bodrum Bitez Women Coffee. Yes Women Coffee. For women only, many women in the open area in front of the summer days while she was knitting, 
tea or coffee and playing backgammon where you can see Women drinking Coffee. Men or always gossip in the coffee?
Bitez swimming and sunbathing, as well as water-Skiing, Canoeing, pedalo offers a number of other alternatives, such as. 
There are two places that come to mind when Windsurfing are mentioned on the Bodrum Peninsula, Bitez and Akyarlar. 
If you want to learn a lesson from a professional instructor in Windsurfing surf schools you can get.
Bitez Bodrum the night the day enjoyable. Accommodation and restaurant prices are also more appropriate for the Bodrum. 
Is rich in terms of activity. In Bitez in Bodrum! if you want to spend more, many hotels, among 
you can choose a facility that fits your budget and your taste, you can spend a pleasant holiday with your family or your loved ones.
Hotels in Bitez - Bitez which is one of the most beautiful bays of the peninsula is sandy and the sea is warm. But the real fame comes from the song, Buckling...
Boutique hotels in Bitez - Buckling and famous Greek songs on last Name vineyard, which is the sense in Bitez, Bodrum from 8-10 km away.
Pensions Bitez - Bitez hotels with most moving between points that have summer tourism provides a wealth of different accommodation options.
Apartments Bitez - Bitez, citrus whole of the peninsula area. In ancient times, that is very very old, it's not, as far as the eye can see, trees. So the tree has been called.
Things to do in Bitez - the path adorned with wild flowers with the sun's rays barely infiltrated the wooded paths, crowned with a blue flag 
deep blue sea, cozy cottages in the garden, a teahouse and a cuteness scale Without Borders, you can fill in the middle of a tale conversations with the locals 
you feel like Bitez.

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