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The most enjoyable parts of the peninsula from Bodrum Akyarlar, until yesterday, for fishing and provided with a living sungercilik. Today, tourism has come to the fore. Akyarlar, a small place, it's extremely cute.
When you get down to the beach from the main road, stay to your right is fishing. more restaurants in the middle section. Moon-shaped beach is on your left. Hotels, motels, hostels, usually located in the back part of the beach.
I think it goes without saying that the sea is sparkling in Turgutreis. On a beach, very enjoyable to talk to raki in fish restaurants. Especially at night, and so on, such as if you enter the sea you do not put up with. This is a paradise for surfing enthusiasts.
Any time of the day without missing the wind, makes an ideal environment for this sport. 'What I don't understand, call me. Even the most incompetent can learn this in a week.
By the way, a quick reminder; when you go out in the open a filtered go from a middle-aged Surfer if you see a veteran, this tarık akan. Flowing, opened an investigation into the beginning of the 80s, akyarlar, maybe I should run away I learned to surf.
Gets the arrival of arrival...where is it? In Greece, Kos (Kos) Kos Turkey akyarlar is the closest to the Isle of... where. It's only 3 miles between us. And here's the rest of the island waking up with the roosters in the morning. Akyarlar Bodrum, quiet and I would recommend to those who want to spend a cheap holiday.

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